Midwest LTC staff have always been helpful and very friendly. They accommodate our facility on weekends and after hours in a timely manner. Cindy and her staff helped implement the transition to Midwest LTC pharmacy with many visits to the facility and helping send out notices to families. The pharmacy staff were in-house the first day of the med delivery system, the process went smooth. Myself and the Greeley Care Home and Assisted Living staff are very satisfied with the services Midwest LTC Pharmacy provides, we look forward to the continuum of care.

Pam Taylor, RN Administrator

We have been using Midwest LTC Pharmacy since April of 2002 for all of our pharmaceutical needs. The knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions that may arise. The convenient daily delivery service and after hour’s service can’t be beat! A consultant pharmacist comes to our facility monthly and meets personally with us to discuss each of our resident’s medication needs. Our residents, staff and family members can rest assured that their best interests are at heart when it comes to their medications! Thank you Midwest LTC Pharmacy for your service-allowing us to care for our resident’s physical needs and taking the worry out of providing for their medication needs!

Tina Buckhalter, RN, DON
Harvard Rest Haven

We like the services of Midwest LTC Pharmacy for many reasons. First and foremost, the professionals at Midwest are very thorough when it comes to the accuracy of their work. They don’t make mistakes, and they have the skills to be sure and double check physician orders if they feel it necessary. Midwest offers in-house training for our staff to help them do their jobs better and we can contact them weekends and after hours and get quick, satisfying response. In addition, they employ the ECP EMars system, making them compatible with our in-house system. Midwest also handles insurance comparisons for Medicare Part D clients and that helps keeps residents’ costs down and improves their quality of living. The people at Midwest are easy to work with and always handle questions with the professionalism that sets them apart from other pharmacy services.

Amber Wiechman, Administrator
Cottonwood Estates Assisted Living
Central City, NE

Midwest Long Term Care goes above and beyond while providing pharmaceutical services for our organization. As our agency has grown, Midwest has provided the support necessary to ensure our individual’s needs are being met. Their ability/willingness to expand with us has eliminated the stress and hassle of having to work with other organizations that may not understand our unique needs. Midwest’s knowledgeable and friendly staff ensures every interaction is a positive experience.

Michelle Stratman, Intregrated Life Choices

Midwest is very helpful when needing info on medication and side effects. I have had many questions that they will answer and if they are not sure, they will find the answer for me. Cindy, (owner) has given in-services when asked, plus, even volunteers to do in-services for us. They even remember our staff on special days and holidays. Their staff are always very courteous when I am dealing with them. The drivers, especially Jim Kitten are very respectful to the clients. Jim remembers their names and always talks to them no matter which facility he is at. I have found Midwest very easy to work with and look forward to many more years of working together!

Cindy Schaible-Mosaic

Midwest LTC Pharmacy has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Their staff are kind and courteous and are always willing to help out. If a mistake is made, they work together with us to get it corrected, regardless of who is at fault. Their attention to detail and ability to fill orders quickly has helped us react to the ever changing needs of the people we serve. Beyond their every day job duties, its clear to me they take an active role in getting to know their clients. Ever since I have gotten to know Cindy and the staff at Midwest, I have been able to tell that they not only supply our medication needs in Central Nebraska, but they stand with us together in our mission to help people with intellectual disabilities live full, meaningful lives. Cindy and the crew over at Midwest are a class act all the way and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with them.

Curtiss Dill, Resource Development Manager